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From the MD6 Low Profile, to the MD7, there's a Mack MD truck for everyone. The vehicle can handle every application, for any owner-operator.

You’ll Find Yourself In A Happy Medium While Driving The Mack MD Series

Mack trucks are awesome. They never fail to impress. And in their latest Medium-Duty series, the Mack brand has never shined any brighter. There’s all sorts of reasons why the MD series is especially special, so perhaps we can get into the details of why.

For starters, there’s plenty of customization.

Whether it’s rugged for the streets or smooth for the mud, Mack gives you the choice to design the right There are options such as 8 different wheel bases, several separate transmissions and plenty of powertrains choices. 

The givens that every Mack truck can deliver upon the user includes Cruise Control, 12-Volt/USB Outlets, Tilt & Telescopic Steering Columns, Bright Finish & Lower Convex Mirrors, Dual Cab Suspension. But what may be optional for the trucker to acquire is quite amazing. Such as Fuel Sense 2.0 MAX upgrades on the Allison Transmission. Also, an engine block heater will add protection in frigid temperatures.

Don’t even get me started on the trims and interiors! They’re so nice!

The passenger seat is a two-person bench seat with vinyl, as the driver’s seat on the other hand has a Modura cloth upgrade seat upholstery unlike any other.

Now, there are strong differences between both the Mack MD6 and the Mack MD7. So let’s dissect that and see which is more suited for your needs.

First, the Mack MD6.

One area of note regarding the MD6 is how the Mack MD6 comes with different types of tires. Such as the 11R22.5 or the Lower Profile Tires. Additionally, the typical dry van body length measures in at about 26 to 28 feet. The Rear Axle Capacity was handled at 17,000 pounds. As for the front axle capacity, you’ve got about 10,000 pounds standard, that you can handle with the MD6. Yield Strength is always a necessary concern. In which case, your RBM upon the MD6 was 1,373m.

Secondly, the Mack MD7.

For the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, the truck weighs in at about 33,000 pounds. This is a stark contrast compared to the MD6’s 25,995 lbs. The MD7 front axle capacity is able to handle about 12,000 pounds. Meanwhile, while looking at the rear axle capacity, you may notice that it can handle about 21,000 pounds. Taking into consideration the Yield Strength, there’s a likelihood that the RBM will reach about 1.547m.

Enough of the compare-and-contrast. Let’s talk about the engines you can find on both.

Using the Cummins B6.7 engine, you’ll be able to use different horsepower and torque options. The horsepower is rated at 220 while generating a torque of 600 lb-feet. If you’re dealing with an inline 6-cylinder, there’s about 250 horsepower with 660 lb-feet to generate of torque. Additionally, the turbo/intercooled diesel engine, had a 280 horsepower with 660 lb.-ft. of torque.

Ultimately, you will enjoy doing your job most with the Mack MD6 or MD7 Series.

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