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The International RH is one of the best trucks.

You Can Drive The International RH With No Fear And Good Brakes!

If you know trucks like we know trucks, you’ll be surprised to find that the International RH is the strongest truck all around. It comes with a regional haul power. The vehicle can deliver increased fuel economy, without too much time at the pump and definitely more time on the road. The RH Series had been redesigned with more safety and visibility than ever before. The good people at International kept this in mind as they reshaped the doors and repositioned cab mirrors with a much-improved field of view. Also, the wheel cut has 50 degrees. Additionally, the curb turning radius has been increased to 27 feet and ten inches. The RH can provide the most optimal of maneuverability capabilities. When you spot the Premium Gauge Cluster, it shows enough key alerts where drivers are able to view with little to no distraction. Therefore, there are plenty of light conditions that can maximize attention on the road.

Let’s talk about the International RH’s engine.

The 12.4L International A26 is well-regarded as the perfect engine for the RH Series. You may even notice that it’s the best in class for a 2 year, unlimited mile, unlimited hour warranty. Also, the engine weighs in at about 2314 pounds. With a weight of about 12.4L, it’s just about the lightest engine in its class, while also paling in comparison to larger 15L engines. One other factor to consider is that it’s up to more than 4% more fuel-efficient than any other A26 engine.

The RH comes with either a day cab or a sleeper cab. And it only stands to reason that either is just about perfect for the needs of regional haul drivers. Whichever you choose, will show only the most ergonomic choices you can hope for. You should really consider it if you do want to get the work done right.

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