Western Star Does It Again With Their XD Offroad Series Of Trucks

Western Star Does It Again With Their XD Offroad Series Of Trucks
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When it comes to rough and tough, Western Star knows it’s stuff. The truck in particular that best represents the company is the XD Offroad. Well, technically, it’s not just one truck. Think of the XD Offroad as a whole collection of trucks in the series of off-roading utility-mobiles. Consider how important it is to keep these trucks well-conditioned and maintained, as evidenced by the video below.

With this series, Western Star takes their equipment through the most rugged environments. The XD Offroad kicks up the toughness factor upwards for the interested encouragers. From the rugged suspensions to the low acquisition cost, this XD Offroad series is the real deal.

To begin with, the maximum in ground clearance handling and uptime is rather accurate. To utilize a double-slippered spring suspension is to control the cycle time efficiency. Also, the springs are able to be controlled with heavy-duty track rods. This will therefore eliminate the necessity for spring pins and even allow spring packs to slide without shock loading.

Given that the truck will maximize uptime with varied features such as the butterfly hoods and point-to-point wiring with in-cab fuse panels. This is certainly looking like a good truck with all the planetary gearsets. This is able to reduce preventive maintenance by dropping the expenses of the operation. This engine, in particular, is a Detroit DD16 which can pump up to 600 horsepower. With Torque being as high as 2,050. Ther are also built-in capabilities to pull about 120 metric tons.

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