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Western Star Muscles Through With The New 49X

When you think about vocational trucks that get the job done, what do you need in that truck? Maybe a light chassis. A series of transmissions to free your tires from obstacles. Definitely needs coil-over suspension. We’re happy to say that the Western Star 49X has it all, and more!

This brand-new X-series cab gives total versatility with world-class safety while promising the same reliability that Western Star began with in 1967.

For starters, this model features an RBM strength rating of up to 3.7 million inch-lbs. Talk about endless weight savings. For added strength, C-channel frame reinforcements are available that reach a Resisting Bending Moment (RBM) rating of 5.4 million inch-lbs. Multiple parent rail front frame extension options are available for applications requiring front-mounted equipment, such as a plow.

Forward mounted DEF tanks, multiple air tank mounts and standard in-cab battery box are just a few of the many packaging held in the clear back-of-cab. Together with functioning dual vertical exhaust stacks, the 49X provides simpler uplift on the job.

Never before in the history of Western Star has there been such impressive work on the cab. Just imagine going through 800,000 miles in cab-shaker tests and not even seeing a dent!

Every one of these Western Star 49Xs come with all-metal exterior brightwork, standard interior with metal accents and a trim that brings woodgrain and diamond-stitched seating along for the ride.

To top it all off, the 49X has a dual-stage LED headlight system that’ll let everyone on the freeway know you mean business. Move aside, challengers. The 49X will outlast the others with high visibility.

The Western Star 49X is ready to order this winter, with first deliveries happening in 2021.

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