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Western Star 6900 Is the Strongest Truck By Far. Try It Yourself!

When it comes to huge trucks, there never really has quite been a truck like the Western Star 6900. This beast gives off the energy capable enough to haul 500,000 pounds for a whole day. With it, the body can shift about 80,000. The engine choices are able to build options formidable to any other candidate out there. And with Daimler Truck Financing, you can get the Western Star 6900 for a cool price.

So What About The Western Star 6900 Is So Special?

It comes with a variety of color choices, including Obsidian Black, Smokey Mountain Gray, Maple Leaf Red and Prairie Buckskin. The truck itself comes with a twin-steer specification. Or perhaps an extreme duty configuration.

The twin-steer comes with a wheelbase of over 486 inches, a TAS of 72 inches and a BBC of 141 inches. Whereas the extreme duty comes with a BA of 59 inches and a severe duty cab equipped with bonded windshield. They both have a choice of coming with an Eaton Fuller transmission or an Allison Automatic one.

The hood is of a fiberglass quality with LH and RH full-length butterfly openings. The front axle is a Meritor brand that can handle 20,000 pounds. This is to say the Brakes or made of Hendrickson brand. And/or Chalmers. The fuel tanks can handle 100 to 150 gallons. There lies a frame of a double-channel strength, while handling a DEF Tank of about 23 gallons or 87 liters.

Furthermore, there were a couple nice features about the truck including threaded spring pins, forged steel door hinges, double door seals. There also comes the standard power distribution modules, the suspended pedals, an in-cab blower motor, laser-etched chassis wiring and the honeycomb sleeper wall and the copper brass radiator. Also included, J-Brakets and ribbed straps. What’s more? Replaceable grille bars, nodal engine mounting and of course, who could forget about the outboard cab mounts? It’s all here.

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