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Western Star 5700XE Is The Realest Truck Around Town: Deal With It!

When you look at a Western Star, you simply would not be doing it any justice if you chose to gloss over the facts. It’s a great brand. It exemplifies how strong the truck can be under times of extreme pressure. And most of all, it’s just all-around cool. The Wheelbase, if we’re to start anywhere, is up to 250 inches. As for the engines, you can do no wrongs. There’s a Detroit DD15, with 14.8 Liters and a capacity to propel. How fast? One might even say about 1550-1750 lb-feet. Additionally, there comes with the Western Star a Detroit DT12 Automated Manual Transmission.

And just wait until you see the cab area of this Western Star!

It happens to be welded in with bonded windshield material. As for the grille, you can easily tell it’s polished stainless steel complete with perforated bug screens. To add more pizazz, there’s a two-stage filter system, as well as axles powering various weights. (The front does about 12,000 to 14,700. Whereas the rear can takes on 40,000 to 46,000 pounds.)

The Western Star has some powerful context on how to get the heavy jobs done.

The brakes themselves are powered by WABCO, alongside the anti-lock braking system. Additionally, there is no traction enhancement. The frame itself is made out of a rugged single channel lightweight frame. With partial frame liners also available. One thing to seriously consider is the DEF Tank. That can fill up to about thirteen to 23 gallons. This is natural. Not to mention that there. This is certainly a vehicle that you won’t want to leave the house without. These trucks are necessary to handle properly and without fail so it takes some capable hands to, really. If you have  what it takes well it will show when you drive the Western Star 5700XE. It’s a worthwhile investment.

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