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Western Star 49X Is A Groundbreaking New Truck That You Can Rely On

When Western Star talks about how the 49X is maybe “the best truck anyone has ever built.” The 49X has the type of toughness that really impresses the modern age of engineering as you may notice in the real steel. You can see that this Western Star 49X is well-created for rugged use.

The truck is capable of doing anything vocational or even semi-purposeful. The truck is going to break new ground with the influence that this vehicle provides the users and drivers. When you look at the various options that this Western Star offers, you realize that it’s because of a couple of key qualities. For one, the front tow devices allow for a 140,000 lb. – tow capacity. In which case, the increased strength and durability can uphold anything.

Additionally, the access hatch is available for key fluid levels, while not opening the hood, let alone removing the front of mounted equipment. There’s also an exciting air cleaner option which potentially likes removing about 80% of particles from the air before entering the primary air cleaner.

Another point of it is that there’s service intervals occurring in off-road environments. There are also several different engines, such as the Detroit DD16m which is well-known as the largest engine Detroit has made. DD16 is likely the only 16-liter engine available and also offers some long service intervals for the industry itself.

And that DD16 provides this Western Star 49X with about 500 to 600 horsepower. Additionally, the range for the torque towards 1,850 to 2,050 torque range. It’s got all sorts of transmissions willing to come into play. Such as rock-free mode, off-road mode and paver mode.

On top of that, the Western Star 49X is just an all-around cool vocational vehicle.

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