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Western Star 47X Is An Amazing Truck That Warrants Further Speculation

If you haven’t seen it lately, the Western Star 47X is a wonderful truck. That vehicle is certainly strong enough to rebuild from the ground up with the specs that you may enjoy.

Western Star Specs For The 47X

This can handle all sorts of jobs. This include snow plows, concrete mixers, haul tractors and more. It’s really great because the 47X has three bumper styles in plenty of finishes and thicknesses. This also involves a boxed-in bumper with grille guards that log applications. This bumper also has a mount position designed to optimize packaging in order to meet bridge laws. This, therefore, shortens the BBC to 110.8 inches. ANother great feature of the chassis is the front tow devices, which allow for 140,000-pound tow capacity. Not to mention that this gives off stronger and better durability.

Secondly, if you must know, the Detroit DD13 Generation 5, the achievements made here is industry-leading power and productive. Furthremore, there are vocational power ratings meeting the demands of any and every application. In regards 47X. This engine offers about 370 to 525 horsepower with a range of torque from 1250 lb-ft. to 1850 lb-ft. There’s also a 12.8 liters displacement as well. The engine DT12-V that enables a good flow from machines that shift from Neutral to Drive minus brake pedals. There’s also a powerlaunch that allows the engine speed to go up to 1,200 RPM. In this case, there is a launch for smooth, powerful takeoffs with heavy loads.

There is a Detorit Engine that comes in with a Detroit Connect Virtual Technician Remote diagnostic service for the Western Star 47X.

Western Star is a great truck brand that needs to be totally known as the developer of great commercial vehicles. No one else can really stand to face the strength of Western Star like a Western Star can, as it turns out.

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