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Volvo VNX Is A Game-Changer With Premium Effort

What is cool about the Volvo VNX is that it’s been tailor made to fulfill the needs of the average owner-operator and his many responsibilities as a heavy-hauler. The VNX itself has an availability of 605 horsepower as well as 2,050 lb-ft of torque. Additionally, the VNX is delivering the power and performance for heavy-haul applications like logging, machinery transport and long-combo vehicles. The VNX 300 Daycab allows for muscle and manueverability per heavy-haul applications. When you explore the Volvo truck any further, you’ll see that there are frame lengths available in various custom measurements, along with the choices of 6×4 tandem, 8×4 tandem, or perhaps 8×6 tri-drive axle configuration. In which case, the daycab allows for enough power to spare and rates it upwards of 160,000 lbs.

When you peer at the Volvo VNX, you can tell that the Gross Combination Weight Ratings are approvable enough to span from 125,000 to 160,000 pounds. When you look at ratings of upward 225,000 pounds, you can see that they’re around with application approval as well as appropriate components. There are also separate lift axles, steer axles, tridem drive axles and longer fifth-wheel slides. As a result, you are more likely to apply for enough weight distribution requirements.

What’s more? The Volvo VNX has stellar rear suspension.

In which case, the design allows for increased durability and reliability. Not to mention the handling characteristics are quite adept. This is all in the spirit of having a better truck that can handle going through the muck. If you don’t see the value there, then maybe the way this truck isn’t quite for you. But the brakes certainly are worth paying attention to. As the suspension is able to rate towards 52,000 lbs., the brakes can handle a 17-inch rotor along with high level corrosion resistant calipers. This is all thanks to the Heavy Duty Air Disc Brakes.

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