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The Volvo VAH is the ideal truck to ship cars with.

Volvo VAH Has The Capacity To Load Any Weight, Anywhere!

The Volvo VAH is one of the ultimate car shipping trucks on the marketplace. It’s a commercial vehicle that runs as a reliable carrier. It’s honestly the most advanced auto transport truck that you can see. The Volvo VAH has plenty of heavy-duty features that are also found in off-road vocational vehicles.

What Are Those Features?

For every Volvo VAH, remote diagnostics are installed to avoid downtime with constant monitoring of the engine, I-Shift and after treatment. There’s also many safety features, starting with Volvo Active Driver Assist that allows for better collision avoidance. It happens to feature new LED headlamps to make for better visibility with the de-icing feature to keep it easier for the road’s cold climates.

The daycab configuration shows a tight turning radius for simple manuevering through urban areas or even crowded dealer lots. On the carrier extension of the Volvo VAH, up to 11 vehicles are able to be loaded. Looking at the Volvo VAH 300 is capable enough to operate with a 94.5 or 97.5-inch roof height.

The interior is stock-filled with many innovations driven by concersations by thousands of drivers. Fuel efficiency is of the utmost importance for the Volvo VAH.

When you look at the specs, you might be impressed.

The Volvo VAH is truly the most reliable commercial vehicle with all the safe features that it includes.

For starters, the engine, the Volvo D13 has about 405 to 500 horsepower with a torque output of 1450-1900 pound-feet. The transmission that comes standard with Volvo I-Shift at 12-speed.

The D13 was created on proven technology to weigh out innovative hardware that would work to maximize efficiency. Energy lost is brought back with standard features like low-friction pistons and two-speed water pump. This all comes with optional features such as turbo compounding.

Additionally, a standard hybrid common rail fuel injection system would produce the most power for every drop of fuel. The D13 engine would come with an improved design based around low friction wave piston design. The one-box after treatment allows for smaller packaging with a reduced weight by 17 pounds of previous systems.

Additionally, the Volvo I-Shift creates a productive and smoother truck that monitors speed, weight and engine load safely, while still saving fuel. This is all helpful for a faster and smoother performance.

Nowadays, it’s evident we need more trucks that are specific-duty. It is of the utmost importance to get the Volvo VAH sold to the owner-operators that could potentially use it to their biggest benefit, of course.

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