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The LoneStar is an International Delight For All Truck Lovers

International knows what they’re doing with the latest incarnation of the LoneStar Heavy-Duty Truck. It doesn’t matter if it’s equipped as a tanker, a dry van or even a bobtail in itself. The LoneStar is by far the most amazing commercial vehicle they have on their lineup. It’s a strong long-hauler that gets the job done, no questions asked. It has a hot grille and even hotter wheels. Why is that? Well, we can give you a tour about just how amazing this LoneStar truck really is for the average owner-operator.

The sizes.

Firstly, the LoneStar is available in five sizes. The Day Cab, the 56″ Low Roof Sleeper, the 56″ Hi-Rise Sleeper, the 73″ Sky-Rise Sleeper and the 73″ Hi-Rise Sleeper.

LoneStar has close relations to the ProStar. And like the ProStar, the LoneStar is designed for long-distance and range. It has the capacity, therefore, to move well and long with the right cab structure. It has a set-forward front axle, complete with an extended hoodline. It also comes with a 132-inch BBC length. This matches the Freightliner Coronado and even extends five inches beyond the Peterbilt 379.

The engines.

LoneStar has two engines to offer, in the Navistar-produced Maxxforce 13″ 12.4 L-Inline-6 engine. That engine makes for about 410 to 500 horsepower. There is also the Cummins ISX15 L-Inline-6 which in itself produces about 525 to 600 horsepower. It is designed with Eaton-Fuller transmissions. Manual and or automated manual transmissions can be a part of it.

How About The Inside?

The inside of the LoneStar is a cab structure combined with premium-grade materials.

Instead of the standard double-bunk configuration, International came up with the revolutionary idea to have the lower bunk of the wood-floored sleeper swapped out with a sofa bed; both front seats swivel backwards, therefore, converting the cab into a workspace.

It’s really quite a monumental truck!

Most owner-operators really love the excellence that an International LoneStar can bring to the table. Simply because the commercial vehicle itself can handle heavy payloads while using an economical amount of gasoline. It is all the more interesting when you get the amount of work you put into a job is returned in the form of an International LoneStar. The vehicle is a chrome-like work of art. There’s nothing to fear of it, as the truck can propel your job to the next level.

Of the past models, drivers say that they have seen major improvement in the engine architecture. Specifically with the Cummins engine maintaining the cylinders. With excessive oil consumption, hitting at around 300 thousand, the LoneStar is a real feat of strength for the brand and all trucks everywhere.

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