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The TerraPro Mack Truck is certainly a strong commercial vehicle.

TerraPro Trucks Make Mack the Leaders in Severe Duty Jobs

If you know anything about the TerraPro Mack truck, you may know that it’s one of the top heavy-duty / severe-duty trucks in the game. Mack says that the TerraPro is compact and tough, while maintaining the versatility to handle any and every job. The TerraPro is comfortable yet focused enough to allow drivers to handle driving easily. Even the cab layout for single-operator applications is very thoughtful. The gauges are also very clear and readable.

Additionally, the chassis found in the TerraPro is capable enough to offer powerful support for good work done easily. It’s tough enough to withstand the labor that comes with full refuse and vocational applications. The payload can handle a maximum amount with a compact overall dimension.

The design of the TerraPro can make the vehicle ideal for going through even more congested neighborhoods in a safe and efficient way.

Let’s Talk about the mDRIVE HD feature.

Mack’s mDRIVE HD allows for internal components, like strong gears and synchros while being built to handle the requirements of jobsites. It features shifts found in construction applications as well. Notice the mDRIVE HD for all the good that it gives you. It possesses low-ratio gears with improved start power. Also, ultra-low speed maneuverability. It’s impressive enough for any Mack owner to use the TerraPro without worry.

The pumpers come with longer booms going through the range of 30-meter to 40-meter range. It all comes with horsepower to power the pumps to move concrete through the boom. The mDRIVE HD pairs up real nice with the MP8 as it delivers around 505 horsepower with about 1,860 ft-lb of torque, all-according to the OEM. Split-shaft PTO functionality will receive output right from the transmission with higher torque for large auxiliary equipment with concrete pumps.

What exactly are you handling with the TerraPro?

At around 40,000-lbs. and 46,000-lbs. the suspension ratings and standard track axles can handle any payload. Customers are able to save 140 lbs. with drum brakes and 146 lbs. with air disc brakes respectively to see results in casting suspension components for the Mack axle housing.

When you notice the V-shaped torque rods with the spring leaf design, you may see that it ensures stability to transmit forces into the truck’s frame. Additionally, shock absorbers come with rubber and steel shock towers. So this will definitely improve the riding and handling of the TerraPro.

You would be happy with the warranty they offer with Mack trucks.

Mack has made the announcement, additionally, that it’s gotten an enhanced standard axle warranty. All for the Model Year 2022 Mack models, with time and mileage coverage involved. Of course, the TerraPro is ideal for vocational customers with improved stability and much bigger traction on job sites with additional weight savings for increased payload with proprietary Mack axles.

Overall, the best way of operating on the job is to have the most capable trucks that can handle your payload. Trucks like what Mack makes can give you the best type of results when you’re looking to give your company an overhaul overall of group efficiency. That’s the difference that Mack’s TerraPro can give you and the clients that you work with when you want a great job done.

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