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TerraPro® Is Definitely A Cabover Truck For The Ages! Such A Revolution

The TerraPro is a class 8 from Mack trucks that comes jam-packed with an amazing array of details.

This includes an amount of horsepower that hits about 325 to 505. The torque, itself? Let me tell you about the torque. The Torque is at about 1260-1860 pound-feet. That’s pretty great for the TerraPro. And when you look at the gross vehicle weight, otherwise known as the GVW? Wow. It’s unheard of. 35,000 to 81,000 or more. While we don’t know exactly the GCW, we do know there was a day cab. Along with the MP 7 engine. As well as the MP 8 Engine. And then there’s also a Cummins Westport L9N with natural gas installed there as well. And of course, who could forget about the transmissions? There are two of them: the mDrive HD and XHD is the automated manual transmission. Whereas the Maxitoruqe ES is the other manually enabled transmission.

As with any Mack Truck, there comes a variety of axles. The Mack UniMax. The Mack C150/151 Series. Not to mention, the Mack C180/181 Series. And, of course, the Meritor. With all these axles to choose from, you’ll surely be ready for the tasks ahead. There are also suspensions beyond suspensions. So many different kinds such as the Mack Camelback, the Mack mRIDE, and the Vendor. Some standard features to look out for are the body-ready electrical system, the generous ground clearance and other such exclusives. Like the compact cab and concrete pump support hotline. There are also very large door openings and large windshield and mirrors. There is also a body control device with plenty of mounting space. As well as built-in joystick location, and a single-operator optimization. There’s also some uptime technology coming in the form of GuardDog Connect.

Optional add-ons include a natural gas-powered engine, heated mirrors, a windshield wind deflector and a high-torque PTO. For more details on their specs, check out Mack’s dedicated page here.

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