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The TruckingZone.com website (the “Site”) is operated by the owner Trucking Zone, Inc. (or “Trucking Zone”). By using our Site, yo

u explicitly agree to comply with the following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions” or “Agreement”) and all additional policies posted throughout the Site, which are part of this Agreement. 

By using the Site in any way, you indicate an understanding to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions of Use. Trucking Zone, Inc. may change these Terms and Conditions of Use with or without your knowledge, in which case it is recommended that you review the matters discussed in this document periodically. By continuing to use our Site, you consent as an active party to our Agreement.

In regards to future/unforeseen circumstances, Trucking Zone, Inc. can not be held liable for any losses from a lack of fulfilling the Agreement.

Using Trucking Zone Listings/Private Sale Services

Our Site, TruckingZone.com, provides access to truck listings as well as relevant information service on private listing portions, otherwise known as the “Platform”, to unite sellers and buyers in truck sales transactions. The information on trucks provided through the Site may be entered by the seller or third parties; Trucking Zone, however, is not responsible for the data’s accuracy, as it is trusted that Users creating truck listings with pertinent information and media are honest in their business when using our Site. Therefore, the services and all materials

TruckingZone.com provides are expressly given without warranties of any kind, regardless of implication.

Rights to User Content

When users submit Content, this new information should be treated as non-confidential. As such, Trucking Zone is able to share this Content as anything but confidential or proprietary information if it is deemed appropriate without limitations of any sort. Trucking Zone is not responsible for paid Content submitted by you nor for your permission to modify the Content once submitted. Let it be known that regardless of moral rights — including but not limited to attribution of the Content submitted — that you, therefore, consent to waive any need to identify the information of the Content as a direct property of your entity. In turn, you also agree not to claim or assert authorship of any media that you could otherwise do so to confront Trucking Zone, Inc. on the basis of moral rights.

Grant of License; Use Of The Site

Trucking Zone, Inc. grants you nonexclusive permission to view and print portions of the Site Content available in the public areas, under the Agreement that: (i) you may only do for non-commercial use; (ii) you may not modify the Content created by Trucking Zone, Inc.; (iii) displays must be marked “© 2020, Trucking Zone, Inc., All rights reserved.”; (iv) once placed, you may not remove/modify any proprietary notices placed on the Site Content by Trucking Zone; and (v) you may not reproduce or prepare derivative works from elsewhere except as provided on the Site. As expressly non permitted above, copying the Site Content or any portion thereof is strictly prohibited without the written permission of Trucking Zone, Inc. beforehand. 

You may contact Trucking Zone, Inc. as follows:

You are prohibited from using our Site Content in a manner suggesting sponsorship with or by TruckingZone.com unless express written permission is approved by Trucking Zone. You warrant that your use of TruckingZone.com will be consistent with this license. Unauthorized use of any kind will terminate the permission granted by this Agreement and may hereby put you at risk of violating Federal Law.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act Compliance

Trucking Zone, Inc. complies with all of the provisions listed in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which applies to internet service providers (17 U.S.C. SS 512). If any complaints or objections are made by your party to a property that you hold the copyright to, or another individual may hold, contact our Designated Agent at the address provided with a signature of the owner or trusted representative, substantial proof of the infringed copyrighted work, and a statement that you have good faith in the unauthorized use by Trucking Zone, Inc. of the original copyright held by the copyright owner, its agent or the law. 

This is all in accordance with the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. Sec. 512(c)(3).


Under some circumstances, you agree to our power to terminate/limit your use of our Site, for reasons which include but are not limited to, (a) your breach of these Terms and Conditions of Use, (b) requests submitted and approved by government agencies, (c) a decision on our part to change TruckingZone.com, (d) unforeseen technical problems, and (e) detection of illegal business being made on TruckingZone.com. At any given time, these terminations of your usage of our Site may be made by our discretion alone, therefore allowing us to not be held liable for any termination of your use.


Attempted assignments that refuse these Terms and Conditions of Use are null and void. The purpose of these Terms and Conditions of Use is to familiarize your benefit of the Site, under the regulations we, Trucking Zone, Inc., hold as the owner. The Terms and Conditions of Use shall be binding upon the parties and their legal representatives. Legal powers, if necessary, may involve themselves to oversee the provisions of this Agreement if any question of invalidity is evident.

Entire Agreement / Reservation of Rights

In conjunction with Trucking Zone’s Privacy Policy, these Terms and Conditions of Use serve the entire Agreement you make with TruckingZone.com, in regards to the access you hold to various services and materials on our Site as a User. As for rights not expressly granted, they remain reserved under the same implications of this Agreement unless stated otherwise.

Should our services listed on TruckingZone.com be incorrectly stated due to a typographical or pricing error, Trucking Zone, Inc. has the right to cancel/refuse any orders placed under these incorrect circumstances.

Trucking Zone is also allowed to cancel these orders regardless if they have been confirmed or if the Customer has been charged the financial amount displayed. Should the Customer’s account be charged for a purchase and immediately canceled, Trucking Zone, Inc. will then issue back credit to the card used in the amount of the invalid price.