Privacy Policy

Trucking Zone Privacy Policy

Trucking Zone, Inc. (“we, us, our”) provides this “Privacy Policy” to display our transparency when using your personal information. This Privacy Policy covers our use and disclosure of your information, most likely to be linked to an individual (“you”). This type of information includes – but is not limited to – your name, address, phone number, and email address. These are examples of “personal information” we collect through the website and other applications owned and operated by us (the “Site”). 

By using the Site, you consent to our activity with your personal information in the following methods. The use and disclosure of your personal information are per applicable law governed by the United States of America. We derive our data sharing practices

From the U.S. mandated regulations of The Freedom of Information Act (5 USC 552). These clauses are based on the federal policy of allowing companies open and unrestricted access to public information. Therefore, we are permitted by the applicable law to collect this information.

We recommend you read this Privacy Policy carefully to understand how we use your personal information. 

Last Updated: Effective as of December 16th, 2020


  • Different Sorts of Your Collected Information 
  • Our Process In Collecting
  • Shared Personal Information With Us
  • How We Store Your Personal Information
  • Verifiable Requests to Delete and to Know
  • Privacy Policy Changes and How We Change It

Different Sorts of Your Collected Information

When it comes to your personal information, this is the extent of how much we collect:

  • Registration information like your name, residence, email, and user information;
  • Transaction information like your postal address, telephone number, and payment information;
  • Information provided via public forums on our sites and applications;
  • Information sent through our communication functions, like listings, messages, chats, posts, or calls;
  • Information obtained from a third party about our applications on third-party devices;
  • Location information associated with your IP address;
  • Usage and activity information about your use, like the content you view or post, or how often you use our services, etc.;

Our Process In Collecting

When you register with us, we will also collect registration information, like your name, email address, mail address, telephone number, username, and password to create a profile specifically tied to your transactions.

If you submit a request to contact a particular truck seller, both parties may collect your personal information so that the seller can best reach you to consider a truck purchase.

When you are interested in posting a listing, we may gather information connected to your transaction to create your vehicle listing, verify your ownership, confirm available funds, process a successful transaction, and provide user support.

Shared Personal Information With Us

Every time you visit, we collect more information from your device. In turn, you can take advantage of our Site, as a fully-registered member in the system, to pursue and create monetary exchanges for the items you wish to sell. If you choose not to register an account with us, we will automatically gather your IP address and information. 

How We Store Your Personal Information

Our servers are based in the United States of America. These servers are where your information is kept safe from predatory malware and security breaches. 

All the personal information we collect from you is saved for as long as the purposes need them to be saved, as outlined in this Privacy Policy. The law or our record-keeping policies may govern otherwise. Once those purposes have been met, we will no longer need to retain your account’s personal information and destroy it entirely to preserve the confidentiality of your activity on

Verifiable Requests to Delete and to Know. 

You’re within your rights to terminate any information we may have collected on you, as well as the right to learn more about our data gathering process. You may request the following:

  • The categories of personal information;
  • The types of sources from where we collected that personal information;
  • Anything we used for business purposes;
  • The different third parties who received this information in a business exchange;
  • The business or commercial purpose for collecting or selling personal information;
  • Specific pieces of personal information we’ve collected

If you’d like to act on your rights, submit a specific request of what you’d like to know, and we can confirm a receipt of your request in ten (10) business days. We’ll have your answer in 45 days.

Privacy Policy Changes and How We Change It

To display any new practices, we may periodically show an update in our Privacy Policy. This renewal of the Privacy Policy will be indicated by a new date next to “Last Updated” at the top of the page.