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Peterbilt Model 367 Is A Strong Truck Model You Can’t Miss Out On

When you hear of the Peterbilt brand, you hear of ingenuity being performed on a reliable truck make. They have the best framing and engine mechanics found on any sort of commercial vehicle. And the funny thing is that they can operate without you at the helm. It doesn’t take a scientist to show that something is incredible. The 367 truck itself has an all-aluminum cab that fuses together bulkhead-style doors.

Combined with that is a certain assertiveness that brings upon corrosion resistance as well as a level of design integrity that just can’t be beat. This is generally true for multiple years of service. Another point of note is that the truck comes with an MX-13 PACCAR Engine. That of which is able to deliver powerful efficiency. The MX-13 has strong compacted graphite iron, which gives for higher power-to-weight ratios as well as results that can show for maxx’d out power. Not to mention ultimate fuel economy that cannot be bested by the other truck models.

What’s more, the Peterbilt 367 comes geared up with ergonomic controls that allow for a multi-functional turnstalk, letting the driver utilize a very capable environment.

Not to mention, there’s also a ProBilt Interior that has convenient storage inserts. Other qualities that are absolutely amazing about the Peterbilt 367 include a sloped hood and halogen headlamps that will show your visibility from miles away. Additionally, the Peterbilt 367 comes geared and ready with stability and directional control, via selective braking. This isn;t as common as some may assume for the Peterbilt Model 367.

You have plenty to pick from when it comes to the transmission. Allison, Eaton or TTC/Spicer. There also happens to be a dual exhaust, single exhaust, a chrome finish and also a curved tip standpipe. There’s a plethora of options, so purchase a Peterbilt 367 today and stop doubting yourself.

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