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Peterbilt 325 Model Can Do Any Job, Anytime, at Any Place

PACCAR had come out with yet another hit vehicle. Most specifically, the 325. Peterbilt has something here to really be proud of! It’s a high-performance engine that delivers the type of torque and horsepower. There’s fuel efficiency to receive positive impact here. With that said, the dash and driver controls are truly Peterbilt specific. Not to mention the tilt steering is easy to adjust for the driver. Who enhances comfort and maneuverability. There are also well-lit gauges that seem to be positioned conveniently. A display cluster, additionally, shows an operation-critical perspective. In which, the truck’s performance and fuel economy are well-monitored.

To get specific, the PACCAR PX 7 Engine can come with the Eaton Manual or the Allison Automatic transmission. The Cab is of lightweight stampage while also being aluminum. Meanwhile, the hood is a durable Metton® Hood.

What else can we say about the Peterbilt 325? Well, it’s a medium-duty type of truck. And because of the 325’s size, it’s the best of both worlds. There is no need for CDL. It also had a single axle, which is good because then they provide better fuel economy with reduced weight also.

What’s more? The configurations were capable of customization. It would be configurable for Class 5 applications, and therefore, the 325 is idyllic for landscaping, delivery, municipal utilities and plenty of other details.

There are air cleaners with radial seal and also dry type air cleaner. The battery box itself, actually, is a steel battery box LH U/C. Additionally, the bumper was either made of a steel-styled aero chrome material or steel-styled aero bumper material, that was also painted black. That’s genuinely a couple of different options Peterbilt provides you that the other truck companies simply can’t counter!

And if that Peterbilt 325 is not enough, you’re more than welcome to shop around the site for more trucks!

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