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Peterbilt 220: Compact, Urban, and Safe Enough To Finish The Job

Peterbilt has long been known as the reliable truck manufacturer of America. And their status is only solidified with the Peterbilt 220, a medium-duty truck that sure can handle any city jobs you need it to do. So why not see what’s under the hood and good about this titan of the industry? Why not fall in love with the Peterbilt 220?

Primarily, you may notice how expansive and wide the interior windshield really is. That’s only pale in comparison with how tightly you can make turns when avoiding any actual hazards ahead of your visibility. But what you really have to hear about is the engine.

A PACCAR PX-7 with 260 horsepower delivering 660 ft.-lbs. of torque. Is that crazy or what? This is certainly no beginner’s model as the safety systems are made for handling by expert truck drivers. You might even be impressed by the Allison Automatic transmission powering through a single exhaust standpipe, with curving catering to the tip.

But wait! There’s more to learn about the Peterbilt 220!

Because of the low chassis weight, there’s an enabled joy to using the improved emissions and beneficial fuel economy. Perfect for around-the-city jobs.

It offers the driver comfort as no one has ever seen paired with unfathomable power. It can make pickup and delivery as easy as a flick of the wrist. The payload is capable of handling a high volume while simultaneously giving off a serene experience to drive.

Service checks are notoriously simple here, as the front panel can open wide when testing the coolant, washer fluid, engine oil, air filter, refrigerant and much more.

In a pinch? The Peterbilt 220 comes with air drum rear brakes and a Meritor Wabco EBS or Electronic Braking System with Antilock capabilities.

The Allison Automatic Transmission by the way can be a 6 Speed of either the 2000 or 3000 Series.

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