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Never Contest The Power Of The Western Star 47X

Western Star has built its principals on delivering more with better technology. And it’s no surprise here. As the lead of the X-Series, the 49X has been known to innovate.

This new commercial vehicle has a world of strength to haul. And here are the specs to prove it.

The Cab Of The 49X

This 49X comes with an X-Series steel-reinforced aluminum cab with X-Series steel door, trench-style low roof with lowered center section for optimal packaging of over cab equipment, one-piece roped-in windshield, optional impact-resistant and heated windshields available and optional single or high-visibility three-piece rear window. It’s built to last.

Under the Hood

The engines that were acquired for the 49X could vary. You could choose from a Detroit® DD15®, 400-505 HP, 1550-1850 lb-ft, Detroit® DD16®, 500-600 HP, 1850-2050 lb-ft, Cummins X12, 350-500 HP, 1450-1700 lb-ft or a Cummins X15, 400-605 HP, 1450-2050 lb-ft. As for the transmission, I would recommend an Eaton Fuller Manual 10- 13- 18-speed; 8LL and 9ALL.

You would do best with brakes that can handle the journeys. Like a WABCO® 4S/4M and 6S/6M Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with and without traction enhancement.

There are so many different of towing device options mounted directly to the front frame head for increased strength and durability, with ratings from 80,000-140,000 lbs as viable options in the following ways.

  • Dual Removable Tow Hoops, 80,000 lbs
  • Center Tow Pin, 80,000 lbs
  • High Capacity Center Tow Pin, 140,000 lbs

But Remember! Safety First!

Such options include the Detroit Assurance® suite of safety systems including: Active Brake Assist 5, Adaptive Cruise Control to 0 MPH, Side Guard Assist, Tailgate Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Automatic Headlights/Wipers and Intelligent High Beams, Brake Hold Mode, Traffic Sign Display and Active Speed Intervention, available with Detroit® engines

Additionally, WABCO® has their OnGuard feature to help mitigate collisions while incorporating adaptive cruise control, optional with Cummins engines

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