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The Mack Pinnacle is THE quintessential truck of the 2020s!

Mack Pinnacle Can Push The Boundaries Of What’s Possible On The Job

Do you want to do your job to the best of your abilities? To where no one else can question how good you are on the drive over to the worksite? You simply have to use the Mack Pinnacle then. There’s something revolutionary about Mack with this model of commercial vehicle that would be to your benefit to enjoy. If you don’t choose to take everything for what the Mack Pinnacle is worth, it’s relatively amazing. The commercial vehicle can take any load and any weight according to it’s stats. And the features on this commercial vehicle are beyond breathtaking.

Certainly, you can already tell with the Class 8 truck that possesses 415 horsepower to almost 505 horsepower. Of course, the torque ranges between 1560 to 1860. Also, when you need to concern yourself with the gross vehicle weight, it’s generally lying between 35,000 to 62,000. As for the GCW? Look at it skyrocketing past 80,000 lbs.

Additionally, the Maxitorque ES transmission is a manual masterpiece. If you’re feeling anything more novice, try the Automated Manual transmission mDRIVE HD+. The configuration’s your’s.

As for the suspension, you’ll be able to tell that it’s a cool Twin Y. And for sure, you’ll love the Mack Integrated Powertrain, as well as the Air Disk Brakes. There’s nothing like that combined with the aerodynamic air dam. Swivel seats also come in handy for when you want to take a nice twist around while driving. Amenities like the factory-installed refrigerator is certainly a star quality of this Mack Pinnacle.

The Mack Pinnacle Is The Vehicle To Enjoy, Regarding Energy Usage.

With the emerging advancements made in the Next-Generation Energy Recovery Technology (ERT) is helpful. The MP8HE engine allows for exhaust emissions to mechanical energy and delivers it back towards the crankshaft as torque. In turn, this is a process that allows the engine to operate properly at 1,000 to 1,100 RPM. Essentially, it saves fuel without sacrificing the performance quality of the Mack Truck.

When you utilize the MP8HE, it can totally deliver strong power and torque unlike any other. The operating range tunes totally for the proper mix of power and high fuel efficiency.

Finally, Mack is cleaning up their act with an improved exhaust after-treatment system. The EATS happens to be 17 lbs. less and is able to occupy a smaller space of the exhaust output. Not only are you saving fuel, you’re also saving money.

If that’s not impressive enough, you might also enjoy the Mack Predictive Cruise controls. You’d be crazy not to get the Mack Pinnacle.

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