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Mack Granite is Alright To Drive Right Around The Town

For starters, this Mack Granite comes with an all-new Mack Command Steer feature. It essentially allows for steering-assist technology to deliver less strain on the driver. Additionally, there’s a certain maneuverability can stop driver strain up to 30%. Command Steer reduces all risk of long-term injury. Command Steer holds unexpected course changes for drivers to be helped to stay on track and therefore on time. Feather-light steering at low speeds allows for loading in and out of zones so quickly. Bendix Wingman Fusion 2.0 technology is embedded to integrate radar, a camera and a brake system, by, therefore, helping drivers to detect and avoid hazards on the road ahead.

Tight turns are also a capability of the Mack Granite. Largely due to configurations in the forward and back axles, combined with a tight turning radius. It improves maneuverability while complimenting the sloped hood and a choice of rail thicknesses. Mack Granites have enough power to haul anything. All while being light enough to move with purpose, intention, and productivity. The tandem steer option allows for a manageable load. The Multi-Axle dump fits the fuel volume hydraulic tanks, within the shortest wheelbase possible.

The snowplow extension allows for a full parent rail front frame, useful for plowing, tight component packaging and allows room for wing plows. The Mack Granite is capable of cutting through the snow. The Mack Granite also has a compact enough component. It’s so that you can hoist packaging upon when mounting tightly to your cab. Keep the overall length short and the turning radius tight and you won’t ever go wrong with the miraculous Mack Granite.  It has the response time that can refuse applications, was delivering maximum comfort and functionality, in order to wrap up the job.

The Tri-Drive Axles allows for the Mack Granite to deliver to power to the asphalt.

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