Kenworth K270/K370: Brother Trucks Until The Very End!

Kenworth K270/K370: Brother Trucks Until The Very End!
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When it comes to downtown delivery, you never want to look too long. Which is why we recommend the Kenworth K270/K370 models. Though they look identical, these two trucks have differences unlike you’ve ever known. Also, they do tend to compete as the two most productive models in the Kenworth line today. If you want to learn more, just read on!

While the Kenworth K270 is a class 6, the Kenworth K370 is a class 7. This is to say that each have a resale value that is beyond your wildest dreams. The ideal Medium-Duty truck for your urban go-arounds. (Not to mention they both are easier and safer for exit and entry alike. Their dashboard has such a modern design that can show you crucial driving info in the blink of an eye. The whole thing collects engine RPM, fault codes, turbo pressure and so much more in one area. There’s even alarm clocks enabled there.

Let’s Look at These Kenworth Specs

Your engine in either model will most likely be a PACCAR PX-7 6-Cylinder, 6.7 L, EPA 2013. The alternator handles 160 Amp. While the K270 picks up to an Allison 5-Speed 2100 HS, the K370 goes up towards a little higher; Allison 5-Speed 2500 HS. Suspension on these trucks is rather unique. The front suspension, for example, is a parabolic spring. Meanwhile, the rear’s is a Reyco Mechanical. Standard-issue but impressive nonetheless.

Getting back to the PACCAR PX-7, a big level of importance that boils down to the point of the engine is it’s config. of 6-cylinders being inline. Meanwhile, there’s a displacement of 6.7 liters. Furthermore, the Kenworth trucks have torque that can push from 250 hp with 660 lb-ft.

All in all, the Kenworth K270/K370 models are excellent medium-duty trucks that you should consider getting in th near future. And chances are, you might not even have to maintain them too much.

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