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Kenworth Can Show It’s Worth With The Stupendous T800 Model

Kenworth is a trusted truck brand that nobody should ever deny. This is because as the ultimate workhorse, the T800 has been able to show off a strength that leaves drivers on either coast running after the vehicle with such desperation, unlike any other commercial vehicle. The T800 is one amazing truck. And certainly when you look at the vehicle as a whole.

“How is this Kenworth Worth My Bottom Dollar?”

Kenworth has the never-before-seen toughness that any other truck in the market can barely make it up to. The powertrain itself allows for fuel-efficiency along with a lightweight design that results in a low cost of ownership. The PACCAR Powertrain really speaks for itself. One could almost assume themselves to be in the best hands when handling a Kenworth of this size.

Kenworth has radiators and charge-air coolers that match well to the horsepower requirements. Additionally, within the 59-inch long taper leaf springs, there’s a well-produced ride of quality standards.

Within the inside, there’s plenty of room for the studio sleeper. It even allows for elbow and legroom to stand up, stretch and relax.

Whether you use the Kenworth T800 Studio Sleeper and Aerodyne models, there are vista windows that bring on natural light to this penthouse on wheels. There is plenty of room to compartmentalize all the items you have in your room.

Let’s say you have any problems with your Kenworth T800, there’s plenty of time to make better use of it with the customer service call center as well.

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