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Isuzu NQR Class 5 Is A Nice Truck That Would Be Your Best Friend

Isuzu knows how to build a good Class 5 truck. And it’s no different with the NQR. With the specs below, you’ll be surprised that you haven’t heard of this truck before. This model of the Isuzu line is certainly a not-to-miss vehicle. There are two types of the Isuzu NQR. There’s the standard cab that has a GVWR of 17,950 and a GCWR of 23,950 pounds, respectively. For the crew cab version of the Isuzu NQR, that vehicle posesses a GVWR of 17,950 and a GCWR of 23,950 pounds respectively.

There’s plenty to maintain when it comes to keeping up with the Isuzu NQR. It’s certainly an interesting Class 5 vehicle that allows for dedicated maintenance programs which are able to cover the services below. You would have to go through the main website to manage all those expectations. There’s a real good warranty that Isuzu offers as well. Being that there’s corrosion (rust through) warranty offered for an unlimited amount of vehicle miles. This is through the course of 4 years. One can see that the Extended Warranty will extend to about 60 months or 150,000 miles.

The Isuzu NQR is certainly no truck to not consider seriously as it gives off at least a six-liter 8-cylinder gas-powered engine. Not to mention Allison 6-Speed Automatic Transmission.The body application is sizable to about 20 feet. With that said, there’s also a 23,950 lbs. GCWR, when combining truck and trailer weight.

This certainly is a superior vehicle with so much potential waiting to be unlocked as one can imagine from an Isuzu NQR. It really is one of the best trucks around and will dominate the market with it’s sheer strength. This is nothing to play with. It absolutely is a real deal of a vehicle. And when you want to see it be it’s most immediate, just try accessing the Vaccuum/Hydraulic W/4 Channel Automatic Braking System Brakes. It’s a hoot!

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