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International MV Series Is A Real Impressive Line Of Medium-Duty Doing!

When you think of International Models, we’re not quite talking about exotic folks from all over the world, scantily-clad. Not unless they’re showcasing a medium-duty truck that can haul all sorts of goods, services and, yes, international models. These trucks by International are especially top-of-the-line. They can handle every type of service from delivery, to dumping. Additionally, they also have towing capabilities.

International MV Trucks Have Two Different Types of Engines

There’s firstly the Cummins B6.7 and then the Cummins L9. The former is engineered for reliable durability as well as fuel efficiency. Whereas the latter is well-made for medium-duty applications. All while delivering smooth operation and long service life. You will be impressed by each of these drivetrains especially since they range in deliverance. We’re talking about pushing from 800 lb-ft in torque to 1250 lb-ft in torque. That’s also ranging from an initial 360 in horsepower to 450 in horsepower. Interestingly enough, the B6.7 enables an International model of the MV quality to push towards 2,600 rotations per minute. And yet, Cummins L9 offers about 2,100 rotations per minute.

There are also three different types of cabs. Those being the extended cab, the day cab and the crew cab. Meanwhile, the automatic transmission is also interesting. There were Allison Highway Series with 5 and 6 speed, an Allison Emergency Vehicle Series for the same and the interior comes with Deluxe Trim or Premium Trim.

Other reasons you should consider the International MV? Maybe because that it has various configurations. Such as a low cab 4×2, a low cab 4×2 low profile and a mid cab 4×2 as well as a mid cab 4×2 low profile. International sure knows what they’re doing here! You can’t go wrong choosing a brand like them. They’ll always have your back, with unstoppable customer service. Plus, a warranty that won’t quit on you even if you quite on them!

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