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International LT Series Day Cab Has It All For You To Enjoy When Trucking

What’s there not to love about the International LT Series Day Cab? For starters, it’s perfect for Regional and Long Haul Applications, while also being ideal for any van or specialty haul. Not to mention, that it has major enhancements in the aerodynamics of the machine, unseen in any model before. Isn’t that terrific? Pretty swell if you ask me.

The LT Series has a potential to help drivers unlike ever before. There comes with it the ergonomic interior, enhanced to help optimize several qualities. These being maneuverability, visibility and other smart features. This keeps drivers comfy and capable of far distances beyond the long haul. There also happens to be an MPG Aerodynamic and Powertrain package, respectively, that in their own ways, max out fuel efficiency. The Door and side glass have improved lateral visibility.

That way, you can reduce your neck strain when driving the vehicle. There comes with the whole truck a premium gauge cluster. This is useful with driver input to monitor various virtual gauges. Additionally, the dash has a deign in mind for the driver who wants to customize their experience and switch around the placement, depending on the nature of usage for the vehicle. The column-mounted shifter is easy to access, in times where utilizing the engine brake is a must. Not to mention, an automatic HVAC system happens to be at the driver’s disposal to maximize comfort and productivity. There also happens to be various details about the International that one would not expect from ordinary day cabs.

Such features like a Tandem Rear axle, heat treated alloy steel frames, power steering courtesy of Sheppard and Transmissions that were of the manual variety, thanks to brands like Eaton and Fuller. And wait until you see the exhaust system. For example, a choice between horizontal and vertical. That’s pretty great, right? I sure do enjoy it. What a thrill!

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