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International LoneStar Is A Truck For The Ages. Don’t Miss Out!

International sure did pack some punch with this brand new LoneStar model. Daresay, it might be among the best International has to offer. Consider it over any other. The Cummins X15 engine is what gives International the advantage. It’s packed with enough horsepower (400-605) to go through 1,450–2,050 lb.-ft. of torque. Consider it as a truck that gives you the max in durability.

The International LoneStar comes with two different transmissions.

Furthermore, the Automated Manual goes up to 18 different speeds. Not bad for a day cab, right? Combine that with the aerodynamics of a stallion and the LoneStar does wonders for you. All that fuel efficiency provided by a roof with contour.

What’s more, is that the International positions everything with space and convenience.

It’s well-equipped enough for heavy hauls, regional hauls, and long hauls.

How couldn’t you be with this International beast? It comes with a wheelbase range of 167 to 280 inches, an axle configuration of 6×4 SBA and power steering by the good folks at Sheppard or TRW, depending on your configurations.

Speaking of configurations, the battery specs are certainly varied. From a 12 Volt 1950 capable of 3000 CCA to one from Enersys with 4600 CCA! Oh, the choices at your disposal are endless.

This is also true for the braking system. Air drum brakes come with ABS and optional auto traction control. Or, you can just have the air disc brakes with electronic stability control by it’s lonesome.

Finally, the fuel tank can take about 70 to 140 gallons. This is a dual tank system of possibly polished aluminum material, right in the back-mount of the LoneStar itself!

As far as the cab and sleeper configs go, you can have a day cab, a low roof, hi-rise sleeper, or sky-rise sleeper. Each at varying foot height.

All in all, you’d have to be a total dope to not grab this amazing model from International.

AUTO MOTO | June 11th, 2019

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