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International HX Series Trucks Are Perfect For Severe Duty Doers!

This truck is really the most revolutionary vehicle. If you’re an International fan you simply have to enjoy this commercial vehicle for all that it’s worth. How could you live life not doing that? Any severe-duty job you have deserves that type of attention with trucks. International HX trucks are incredible commercial vehicles to use to your advantage and you’d be lucky to use it.

Under the brand new Navistar 4.0 strategy and the Project Compass initiative, the International HX Series has been revolutionizing the trucking industry with various new deliverances of amazing quality.

To begin with, the HX Series has a couple of attractive variances from it’s lineup. Such as the HX520 and the HX620. The latter is packed with the International A26 engine that can deliver upwards of 500 horsepower. Of course, both trucks are able to be ordered with a Cummins X15 engine. That in itself can propel you forward with 605 horsepower or 2,050 lb-feet of torque. Either vehicle is ready for order.

Mark Stasell, being the Vice President at Navistar, highlighted the significance of the HX Series being seen as the most significant lineup from International yet. He says that it “represents our most comfortable, durable, technologically integrated and driver-focused severe service truck ever. It is the physical representation of our Navistar 4.0 strategy – putting the customer at the center of everything we do.”

What else is so comforting about the International HX Series?

It features a cab with that the company wants you to put through many vocational applications. For instance, a three-piece hood that is especially crack-resistant while also being engineered enough to give great front-forward visibility.

Thanks to rigorous testing, the severe duty can can be well reinforced within key locations in order to doubly ensure a long lifespan while also being protected by ChemGuard and LineX. All that combined with International’s own reinforcement allows for it’s own topcoat to be virtually impenetrable.

Additionally, the HX Series gets backed by a 10-year warranty. The HX Series also comes with great filtration in the form of dual external air cleaners. Marker lights in themselves are replaced with LEDs that give off night time visibility. Plus, these International trucks have stainless steel mirrors make your sights shine bright with a wide range. The HX Series shows the widest capacity of transmissions with the Allison and others available. You simply can’t pass this up.

Within the inside, a larger cab size has been made a lot more big. The cab has better HVAC and power windows, which in turn get better visibility, versus the past models. Of course, the expanded cab has a new and high trim package called “Diamond Elite.” It also has premium heated and ventilated seats. Integrated driver assist technology from Bendix also driver’s assistance and safety.

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