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International A26 Knows How To Push Trucks To The Limit

When it comes to heavy work like cement mixing, the International HX is a fine model to operate with. But do you ever wonder what it’s powered by in order to give that model the International integrity it was born into? We think it might be the A26.

Big Hint: It is the A26.

12.4 liter capability of the engine is up to five percent more fuel efficient than 2017’s N13. International shows pride in the capability of the “Big Bore” engine, as they like to call it. And how couldn’t they? The A26 can go up to 70,000 miles until a necessary replacement becomes necessary for the engine oil. This must be an evident given, with the design of rubber gaskets absorbing the vibration. Meanwhile, in the cab, the harshness is reduced to make the engine sound less cacophonous. This vertex may very well be one of the quietest and lightest engines ever put into an International truck.

It’s consistent with the titanium compressor while also possessing a head coolant for the cylinders. This allows for 50% less restriction for the water pump. This therefore gives parasitic loss a major reduction. The smaller piston cooling jets up the oil pressure with better lubrication.

The engine itself weighs an easygoing 2,299 pounds. Which is reduced from the predecessor, coming in at 55 pounds heavier. As mentioned before, the oil change service intervals are now but just up to 70,000 miles. Isn’t that impressive for the International HX, HV, LT, and even the RH series.

Many drivers already claim it makes for a lot of power packed into a little package. Therefore, making the torque a formidable force for the long haul.

Another point of interest comes to the rail fuel injection system. New injectors, nozzles and a fuel pump that gives out over 36,000 psi. The A26 is no joke.

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