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Hino Shows XL8 Fuel Cell Heavy-Duty Truck Prototype

The XL8 Prototype is being developed with Toyota. And it certainly is quite a work of art. The truck, which is being created on a joint venture project level. Hino has been developing this truck for the past fifteen years. But now, the two companies will strengthen their equipment in order to meet the critique of others. The vehilce itself will be about 11,990 milimeters in length, 2,490 milimeters in width and 3,780 milimeters in height. The whole XL8 prototype is destined to weigh in at about 25 tons. 

Furthermore, it’s going to bring me some secret. Perhaps with you, it’s the AC synchronous. Toyota and Hino is starting to create a higher large capacity hydrogen tank. The fuel cell itself is a Toyota Fuel Cell Stack, comprised of polymer electrolytes. It is also developed into a pursuit of energy-pursuant goodness.

While not much is posted about the drivetrain and the torque, the heavy duty fuel cell truck happens to be partially based on the Hino Profia. In which case you can tell it’s been taken advantage from the tech that both companies tend to incorporate. There is a cruising range set at likely 600 kilometers. Therefore, it can be seen that the two partners know exactly what they’re doing.

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