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Great Trucking Jobs for Drivers to Look Into

A great question to ask yourself before you make a big truck purchase is, “What kind of trucker do I want to be?” Different types of trucking jobs have different benefits and drawbacks to them for each individual to consider. Of course, you can always switch career paths later, but that can be expensive and require a training period before you can start fresh. So before you pull the trigger on that new heavy-duty truck, take a minute to think about some of the great trucking jobs out there for you.

Dry Van Trucking

Dry van trucking is the classic job for truckers. They are the most recognizable semi-trucks out there on the road, and for good reason. Dry vans haul goods of all shapes and sizes for consumers all over the country. Because of how many industries rely on dry vans to get their products to consumers, dry van truckers are always in demand. These jobs typically have fewer requirements than others, too, so they’re great jobs if you don’t want to go through rigorous training.

Flatbed Hauling

Being a flatbed hauler is a step up from being a dry van trucker. Flatbed hauling requires additional skills, mostly related to securing loads properly. Because your goods will be exposed to the elements, you have to know how to keep them safe across long distances. Because flatbed hauling is a little more specialized than dry vans, these jobs require more training. However, once you complete that training, the pay is better than typical dry van pay. If you think you’ll have fun meeting the challenges that flatbed hauling presents, look into it!

Car Transport

Car hauling is only for experienced drivers with good safety records, but the benefits are clear. If you’re a car afficionado, then hauling cars will allow you to come into contact with tons of cars every day. Periodically, those cars will be for exotic car shipments, so you’ll get to see some really fun cars. And car haulers are always in demand, especially as the supply chain continues its period of recovery. If you want a secure job that pays well and provides challenging work, consider becoming a car hauler!

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