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This Freightliner captures the strength of the entire brand!

Freightliner 122SD Is Undeniably One Of The Best Trucks Ever!

Freightliner has the most incredible truck in creation. The vehicle known as the 122SD is a well-adjusted work truck. It is a rugged vehicle and versatile. The heavy commercial truck is able to haul everything and anything from granite to logs with heavy equipment with ease.

It can come across severe terrain, downwards a mountain, and all around the hairpin curves. Freightliner basically knew to design the 122SD with comfortable and profitable ends. The heavy-duty commercial trucks would take.

The 122SD would be built for severe duty in and out. It’s a truck that can handle everything and anything with tough jobs abound.

Freightliner Special Features

  • Steer axles rated from 12,000 to 23,000 lbs.
  • Drive axles rated from 23,000 to 70,000 lbs.
  • Freightliner AirLiner®, TufTrac®, Haulmaax®, Primaax®/Firemaax®, Chalmers suspensions
  • Set-forward front axle
  • A wide range of Eaton® and Allison® transmissions
  • Large selection of frames, strengths and wheelbases
  • Inner frame reinforcements for severe duty needs
  • Oregon Burl woodgrain instrument panel

The Freightliner 122SD was well-known as a Class 8 model which can haul 92,000 GVW with enough torque capable of 350 to 600 horsepower. The 122SD is able to handle the oversized wilderness. The truck can handle it without fail. The dashboard is of a command center with the ivory-colored gauges to boot.

The dash structure was designed with fewer sections with less noise and more durability. The 122SD is strengthened with a pillow-block front cab that can mount to dampen shock and vibration. The rear cab mounts utilize air springs in order to give the truck a wide stance for great stability.

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