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Freightliner 122SD Is The Best Class 8 To Start Off The New Year!

This Class 8 Freightliner 122SD is no joke. With 350 to 600 horsepower and 1250 to 2050 ft-lb. of torque, it’s no wonder that this vehicle is readymade for heavy hauls and dust dumps alike!

There’s a lot to suss through but for starters, the configurations vary from day cabs to sleepers (mid roof and raised roof, to be specific.)

You can also customize which engine you want to put inside the machine itself. It can be a Detroit® DD13®, Detroit DD15®, Detroit DD16® or a Cummins X15.

There are also two different types of axles. A Detroit and a Meritor. The suspensions could be from any of the following: AirLiner®, TufTrac®, Haulmaax®/RT/RTE/RS/RN, Primaax®, Chalmers or a Neway.

You’ve also got so many options when choosing the transmissions. Almost too many to list, so I would say your best bet is to choose from either the Manual, the Automated Manual or the Automatic transmissions.

This Freightliner Has Some Great Features

Some standard features to consder are the 1,700 square-inch radiator, able to cool engines up to 600hp/2050lb-ft. torque with loads up to 210,000 lbs., the GCW 122″ BBC set-back axle, the sturdy hood with bright-finish steel grille surround and signature chromed hood handle, the stainless steel front grille and much more!

Consider, for instance, the front axle which is rated at 12,000 lbs. Meanwhile, the rear axle is in itself rated at 40,000 lbs. That’s not even to mention the dual hood-mounted air intakes! So many aspects of this truck are way cooler than you can ever imagine.

And if you can’t see the value in the 50-degree wheel cut, the dual exhaust with clear back-of-cab visibility, the driver-friendly ergonomic wraparound dash, the 100-gallon round aluminum fuel tank, the 20″ x 36″ tinted rear window or the Bandon Driftwood instrument panel, then you really are a sucker and deserve to go back to your rinky-dink Tonka trucks before handling a real machine like this one.

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