About Us

Since early 2020, our family-run company has operated with one goal in mind: to sell trucks hassle-free.

Our confidence comes from a comprehensive understanding of the industry and the people who represent it. Of course, this didn’t happen overnight. The team here at Trucking Zone is guided by leadership active since 2006. That experience has ranged from owning different categories of trucks to managing big fleets for over seven years and counting.

It’s because of this background that our business has been able to accumulate lucrative partnerships in the community. These lasting connections include the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the California Secretary of State, the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the California Highway Patrol, and the California Department of Insurance.

While we are based out of the Greater Los Angeles Area, we have the reach to help users from all over the United States and take pride in fostering a close network of truck owners.

What keeps our skill and passion so driven is a commitment to providing you the best service possible. Have any questions? Ask away! All of our live agents are educated with an encyclopedic knowledge for every function we offer, to best assist you when posting listings. No need to feel embarrassed if this is your first time. We’re certain your assigned specialist can supply the answers you need to walk through the process in no time.

Thanks to our dedicated marketing division, any listings you make with us will get plenty of attention. Throughout various social platforms – including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – we can digitally spread your listings beyond the website for educated consumers interested in your trucks or trailers. Furthermore, our target priority raises search engine optimization to cater you with updated results. Of course, this free service is a courtesy for your sale.

Additionally, our senior software development engineers have worked hard to make our services easy to use. So easy in fact, that you can access Trucking Zone beyond the desktop. That’s because their technology supports every interface on your tablets, smartphones and laptops. Just open this page up anywhere and you’ll see how user-friendly we really are. Having dealt with the Internet before, we believe simple navigation matters because when anyone here makes their listing, they deserve immediate satisfaction, without constant frustration.

After all, it’s what we’d want if we were selling our own trucks.

It’s a sincere pleasure to provide for your truck and trailer listing opportunities on our marketplace. Because we’re thankful for your patronage, we invite you to leave any comments while you’re here. Anything at all! Even the shortest tip can make a world of difference. From opinions regarding news on the latest models to suggestions for future updates, your voice is highly anticipated and greatly appreciated.

Plus, we just can’t get enough of your feedback! If you’ve got something to say, then we’re happy to hear you out.

At Trucking Zone, your wins act as our diesel, filling us to the brim with excitement as we help you along the hopeful highway.